Enjoy relaxed EV driving with accurate charge point information and many other exciting new features. With a dedicated team focused on bringing you the best functionalities to provide you with the EV experience you deserve, we proudly bring to you your EV companion Smoov.

How can Smoov assist you? 

Smoov provides an all-in-one service to make driving your EV even more carefree.

  • Smoov can assist you in finding the nearest charge point that is available. 
  • Monitor and to favourise the charge poles that are preferred by you.  
  • Navigate and to get session insights on your running charging sessions.
  • Swift payment methods to make your charging session faster. 
  • Pay at Smoov compatible charging points via charge cards, your bank account (SEPA Direct Debit) or credit cards. 
  • View price information of Smoov compatible charging points (currently charging points operated by Allego). 
  • Receive billing history. 
  • Multiple session tracking. 
  • Customized search functionalities based on your electric car. 

Smoov was founded and launched on the Dutch market in May 2016 with a vision to support carefree EV driving for our users. Now Smoov is available in Belgium, United Kingdom, France and Germany and soon will be supporting a European-wide charge point network.

Smoov is developed and managed by Allego, as a part of its mission to make electric travel a possibility for everyone. Keep driving forward towards a greener world with your EV companion Smoov. 

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