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About Smoov

Smoov can assist you with the following; 

  • Smoov makes it easier to search for a charging station and charge and pay the way you like to. 
  • Smoov helps you navigate to the desired charging station, start and stop the charging session and pay directly via your mobile (Payment feature only available at Smoov compatible charging stations).
  • With Smoov you can monitor the status of your desired charge stations and receive a notification when they become available.
  • Notifications are sent to you by Smoov when the status of your charging session changes. 
  • Smoov enables smart charging on compatible chargers. 

Smoov can be downloaded and used for free. General charging fees are applicable when charging your EV. Costs will always be shown before the start of your charging session.

By creating an account you have the privilege to use all our features provided by Smoov. This can be done via;

  • Your Gmail account
  • Your Facebook account 
  • Creating a Smoov account
  • Or as a guest user (limited functionalities)

Smoov is suitable for all Electric Vehicles and is available at the moment for smartphones running on Android (5.0 onwards) and iOS (9.3 onwards).

Smoov provides you with real-time reliable information about a range of charge points that are available in the BeNeLux area, Germany, France, the UK and the Nordics. The Smoov compatible charge points are indicated in the app  with the "S" icon on the map. These charging stations can be used with Smoov to pay, start and stop a charging session and get realtime insights. You can also filter Smoov to only show the Smoov compatible charging stations.

The Smoov compatible charging points are indicated in the app with the "S" icon on the map. These charging stations can be used with Smoov to pay, start and stop a charging session and get real-time insights. You can also filter Smoov to just show these Smoov compatible charging stations.

By adding your car you have the following benefits: 

  • The correct connector will be selected for you according to your car.
  • The app will only show charging stations that are compatible with your car.
  • The app will calculate the added distance automatically while charging based on your car characteristics.  

  • you can view your charging history on Smoov compatible charge points
  • you can check the status of your charging session via the app. Even if you did not start the session via the app, but by tapping your RFID card
  • you get notifications if the session has stopped or any interruptions have occurred.

Smoov can be used in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

Interested in giving us feedback on what we can improve? You are more than welcome to join Smoov talks. Please send your suggestions to

Smoov Charging

1) Are you close to the charging station that you would like to use? Select 'Charge now' at the bottom of the map. The nearest charging station will be shown. If this is not the right charging station, you can scan the the QR code on the charger. The right socket/ connector will be selected. Please note that this feature will only work for Smoov compatible charging points.
2) Wait to plug in the connector until the session started is shown, or the app indicates that you can plug the cable.
3) Your default settings will be shown (car, payment method), which you can change according to your wishes.
4) Click on start charging, and depending on your payment method (RFID card or direct payment), charging will start or you will be prompted to fill in your payment details.
5) All set, happy charging!

Smoov will show you your active charging session(s) once you open the app again. Select the session and click on the "Stop charging" button. Your charging summary will be shown.
Confirm you want to stop the charging session by clicking "OK". 

Some charging points are not Smoov compatible. It means that it is not possible to pay, start and stop a session at those charging points, because these charging points are not operated by Allego. These charging points are in to make sure that you can always find a charging point nearby. Regardless of the operator.

  • If you are charging at a regular charging station, the metrics are updated every 15 minutes.
  • If you are charging at a (ultra)fast/ rapid charger, this will be every 2 minutes.

In case of a business card, you should consider sharing your charge card according to your eMSP, employer and tax requirements for your situation.
It is possible to share your charge card with, for example, your partner or colleague. In addition, it is also possible to link one charge card to multiple accounts or devices. 

On the charging screen, you will see the Km/Miles that are added. This is based on the range of your car,  , divided by the battery size of the car. This results in an average kms/miles per kWh. We multiply this by the charged kWhs so far in your session. You can change the actual range of your car in 'my profile', for example based on your own experiences or temporary because of outside temperature.

Smoov Payments

You can pay at Smoov compatible charging points via charge cards or credit cards. Available payment methods are always shown in the charge point details screen.

Click on the "My Smoov" > "Charging history" and select the charging session you would like to view. You can also create a pdf receipt from this charging session, after selecting the charging session in the overview.

Payment done with charge card: Your charging session will be settled at the end of the month via your charge card provider as usual.
Payment done via credit card:

  • An initial reservation will be made. The reservation amount depends on the charge point type and applicable charging fee.
  • The actual costs will be settled immediately after the end of your charging session.
  • Depending on the issuer of your payment card, it can take a few days before this is shown on your bank statement.

You can easily link your charging card to the app.
1) Click 'My profile' > 'Charge cards' > Click on the 'plus' sign.
2) Enter the charge card number and click on 'Save this number'. The charge card number is mostly displayed on the front of the card, for example: 'NL-ABC-123456-1'.
3) The charge card is now connected.

You cannot store your card directly in the Smoov app, but can fill in the credentials when you start a charging session. Here, you can select 'remind me' as well, to prevent that you have to fill in all credentials all the time:
1) Select the charging station and socket you would like to start a charging session on (manually or via the QR code).
2) Select a direct payment method
3) Click on "start charging" to start a session
4) Fill in your payment credentials, select 'remember me' and confirm. A reservation will be made on your card/ account.
5) Your charging session will start

When you are asked to fill in your credit card credentials (after selecting 'start charging'), you have the possibility to select 'remind me'. Next time you only have to fill in your CVC code.

Before the charging session starts, an amount will be reserved from your bank account or the credit card. This  is done due to the following reasons: 

  • Firstly, at the start of the charging session, Smoov does not know how long or how much you would like to charge. 
  • Secondly, Smoov has to take into account the cars that come with different battery sizes. (sessions up to 70 or 80kWh).

The actual amount will be settled immediately after your charging session. If you experience open reservation sessions that are running despite the session was not started or finished already, please contact via 

Some charging points are not Smoov compatible. It means that it is not possible to pay, start, and stop a session at those charging points, These charging points are in to make sure that you can always find a charging point nearby, regardless of the operator. Tariffs are visible for all Smoov compatible charging points. This way you always know, before the start of a charging session at a Smoov compatible charging point, what the applicable tariff is.


If you experience problems with the charging station, for example, it is damaged or the light is red, you can contact the charge point operator for direct assistance. A service number will be listed on the cahrging stations (often on the sticker).

There may be a problem with the network connection of your phone. Be sure your phone is connected to the internet.                                                                                                                       
If you have selected charge card as the payment method in the app, you can also stop the session by swiping your charging card along the RFID reader at the charging point.

When you have chosen a different payment method (credit card or SEPA) call the service number of the charge point operator (see the sticker on the charging station). They can stop the session remotely and disconnect the plug.

In all likelihood, the charging session has been authorised but hasn’t started yet. To start the session, follow the given steps.

1) Check whether the connector has been correctly inserted at both ends.
2) Check whether your phone receives data/ has an active internet connection.
3) End the session and try again.
4) If you find your car is correctly plugged into the charging station, there may be a problem with the charging station. if this is the case, call the service number on the charging station (Check the sticker on the charging station).

Contact Smoov

For general questions or questions about a direct payment transaction, please contact us via  For questions about charging session costs with your RFID card, you can contact your charge card provider. For malfunctions on Smoov compatible chargers, please call the service number of the county you are in:

Netherlands: +31 88 033 3033
Belgium: +32 33 939 209
Germany: +49 30 2332 10000
United Kingdom: +44 800 0294601
France: +33 187406657